Frequently Asked Questions

Most of our vehicles come from Canada, and a smaller portion comes from the USA. We have been known to also get cars out of Europe depending on where the manufacturers have stock.

It very much depends on where the vehicle is located and what we must do to get it here.
The normal time between placing a deposit and receiving a vehicle is about 2-3 months. However, there are several factors that can add to the time frame.
If your car is a factory build, then allow a minimum of 2 months for it to get built and delivered to the dealership.

Canada and the USA are big places so sometimes, even if the vehicle is on the ground, it may be in a remote place which can add up to 2 weeks to shipping times. This time frame can be further extended by as much as 3 weeks if the delivery date does not match up with the shipping date.
Because the cars are shipped over water, there are many factors that govern shipping times such as weather and time in port. Be aware that shipping company ETA’s change from time to time and there is nothing we can do about it.

Sometimes vehicles will be held for up to 2 weeks at Australian Customs or Quarantine. We will only know this is happening once the vehicle lands in an Australian port.
Our conversions are done in either Queensland or Victoria, and under normal circumstances, transport from our conversion facility will take up to 5 days. However, inland transport in Australia can take up to a month, depending on which company is used and where their stopovers are.

Under normal circumstances, it takes about two weeks. There are factors that can cause a time frame blow-out. One of the main causes is fault finding and diagnosis, which can sometimes add another week.

Yes. That said, we will only contact you with information as we receive it. If there is no new information available, then we will not contact you.

To check the progress of your order, visit the Vehicle Info Hub on our conversion partner SCD’s website.

Your car can have up to 500km on it before you receive it. Sometimes it will be much less depending on how and where it has been transported. Transport companies overseas often drive cars between depots – adding to the mileage. Another reason your car will have some mileage on it is because during and following the conversion process, the car will be driven for testing purposes.

Yes. But these will have to be performed AFTER you pick up your car from American Motors.

Your trade-in will be assessed at the time you make the deposit for your new car. If you want to keep your trade-in for the time it takes between deposit and delivery of the new vehicle then the trade-in value will have to be reassessed. There will be a number of factors that will determine the new value of your trade-in, these include odometer reading, desirability and market conditions, condition of the vehicle, tyres, servicing and the extra age. Be prepared to have a reduced value.

No. You will receive an invoice upon pick up and payment of your vehicle. The invoice you receive is a pro-forma invoice and will be subject to change as per the accessories you add or the value of your trade-in.

In the first instance, you should call us on (08) 8122 5540 so that we can assess the situation and to determine the correct course of action.